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1、Japan and China physical disabilities communication
  Time: Nov. 24th 2006—Nov. 29th 2006
  Place: Wuxi, Jiangsu , China
  Participations: 9 disabilities, and society leader from Hope garden Japan, and some citizens, total 36 people.
  Activities: Visited primary school in Wuxi, Firstly, we visited the Wuxi schools, where we organized the wheelchair ball game, rope skipping, paper folding, and drawing etc. Then we visited home for the aged to enhance an acquaintance. Secondly, we held the concert on the spray park, children in Japanese hope kindergarten played the hand bell and sang with Wuxi disabled person.
Finally, children made the drawing, and communicated with each other in the disabled authority. Their works will be displayed in Wuxi from Nov.27th to Dec.5th, and will send to Matsusakashi for showing on the next year. As one member of Chinese Japanese Company, we tried our best to contribute on this communication, and became the link. This activity was paid more attention by Wuxi and Matsusakashi’s leadership, and both Medias did a lot of reports.





2、China's Sichuan donation
  Time: 15th. May 2008
  Place: Sunhill Japan, Sunhill Wuxi
  Participations: Staff from Sunhill Japan, and Sunhill China
  Event: Big earthquare attacked Wenchuan, Sichuan, China on 12th. May 2008. Sunhill Japan and Sunhill China staff donated on 15th. May. Sunhill Japan donated 6,150 Japanese Yen, donated to Sichuan people by international Red Cross. Sunhill China staff donated blood without repayment besides 66,000 Japanese Yen donation. All donations were passed to Sichuan people by The Red Cross.

                                                                            Sunhill Japan donation


                                                                              Sunhill China donation



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