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Sales Dpt.
  Make annual sales proposal, sales forecast, and the analyse of the tone of market; Set steady sub sales agent; Maintain and manage customer relationship; Organize and analyse competitor’s information, make sales proposal based on advantages; Set periodinary implement goal, construct brand image; Organize staff training to strength coorperation of different departments and harmonizing, active work atmosphere.

Technical department:
  Set up and improve products design, new products testing, technology standarlization, technical informations management based on the market information from sales department; Input new technology and projects development plan to update and enlarge the products variety. Edit techonology file, improve and standarlize process flow; Collect domestic and abroad products information, and study products developing direction.

Manufacture department:
  Arrange manufacture based on manufacturing plan; Allocate manufacturing source reasonabely, maximum manufacture ability; Maintenance and improve ISO9000 and ISO9001; Response for the safety manufacturing; Control and adjust manufacturing plan; Improve manufacturing effeciency and quality; Manage equipment, jig and tooling.

QC department:
  Inspect (raw material, half finished products, finished products) strictly with patient and obey company regulations. NG products can not go to next step of process, NG products can not go out of factory, keep inspection record in detail, deal with the quality problem which happened in process; Train QC staff periodically, assist the QC training to all related staff.

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