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我要应聘1、Rubber Molding Technician
Position requirement: Male aged 25-35, major in rubber material or relative subject, bachelor +, over 5 years working experience

Position description:

1、Responsible for process design and improvement of the formula in rubber series.

2、Responsible for new design development , and new product.

3、Responsible for making audit documents of technical standards for rubber parts.

4、Responsible for providing the technical support and training technical staff promptly to the related department.

5、According to company’s direction, analyzing the domestic and foreign technical information to support the new product development.

6、Fully understanding customer’s expectation, based on our current technical resources, doing the research. For the new products which market may need.



我要应聘2、internal support
Position: 1, Female aged 20-25, college+, major in senior secretary, E-business, marketing and etc.

1、Has the basic Japanese language, be good at operating the office software and etc. (If familiar with E-commence will be better)

2、Dignified appearance, good image with nice characteristics, sweet voice, clear expression, quick learning; lively personality, practical, to do things patiently, completely implementation, ability to negotiate.
3、She should have at least one year experience in administration or internal support or assistant area (if in sales department will be better), we will consider the excellent graduated students.

4、If you have outstanding conditions, we will consider to lower some specific requirement standard.

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