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  Sunhill is always trying to help customers improve mechanical performance, and effection via advantaged technology, our products are widely used in motor and engine, motorbike and scooter, automobile industry, railway motor, navigation mechanic, material handling, medical care industry, printing equipments, etc.
World wide applied bearing
Our bearing can be used in various fields, and general purpous.
The good quality Shura Caster were developed based on the abundant technical abilities and can be used in many fields because of it’s general purpose. The durability and mute noise are distinguish as well.
The Shuras with different contour, material and precise can meet various requirements from all over the wold.
PU lagged bearing

PU lagged bearings have good durability performance. There are OD PU molding and injection molding. The OD PU lagged cartwheels, vehicle wheels with specified PU mateiral and hardness have better performance than other bearings when work with rail, wood floor etc. There will be color print left on floor when rubber wheels pass it.

Ball screw
The internal circulating of the screw. Minish nut contour size via cold rolled axle OD to loss weight of the product. That is Sunhill’s main internal circulating product.
Special material bearing
Besides bearing steel and stainless steel, we select specified material like SUM, S15C~S45C based on product requirements, like precision and cost.
Bearing related products, stamping products, rubber molding products, plastic molding products, machining products.
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