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Sunhill get ISO9000, 14001 quality system certificate, “ quality is root, honesty is basic principle” is Sunhill’s quality tenet. “ Market and customer oriented, good products, good service, less cost” is the core work of Sunhill. “Start from your needs, end of your satisfaction” is our untiring goal.
Sunhill in possesion of qualified, deligent R&D team, and set coorperation relationship with universities. We supply core parts for TOYOTA, SHARP, TOSHIBA, CANON. To serve customers well, we introduced into different kinds of precise equipments, specified material, and related qualified staff.
· 6S activities to promote
To make sure the 6S activities can be moved forward well, have staff fully understand the definition, purpose, function, steps of moving forward, etc., Sunhill edit and issued “6S handbook”, and have staff correct actions according to the requirements of it. We are trying to have 6S activities be standarlized, be accustomed to achive Sunhill’s concept of “keep improving, run agelong”.
· ERP System
ERP is a management tool of supply chain: it is a enterprise information management system with compound of enterprise management concept, work procedures, data base, human and material recourses, computer hardware and softeware. In brife, ERP is “management+IT”. ERP system make sure that management informations can be passed in time, accurate and effectively. As maketization and informatization are improving, ERP system is not only emphasis the enterprise internal effection, but also the resources harmonizing management of both inside and outside of enterprises, to have each side have complementary advantages and work more efficiently.
To be a advantage management tool, ERP system contributed the enterprises management innovation, and keeping, developing enterprises competition.
· Environmental Management
Sunhill Group always take the responsibility and move forward of activities of protecting world environment. “prevent pollution, protect environment” is one of Sunhill’s principle. And we promise seriously:
1,  Environment protection is our first, last, and all the time basic principle, insist quality, revenue and environment improving together.
2, Set and carry out environment management system, make responsibility clear, and keep auditing, to make sure that environment system and action keep improving.
3, Obey national and territorial enviroment protection law and other requirements strictly.
4, Try to reduce the wast pollution from developing, maufacturing, package, drive tidy manufacturing.
5, Keep challenging energy conservation.
6, Drive 3R activities (conservate, reuse of earth energy).
7, Environment protection need every people’s joint effect, we need improve environmental awareness and ability.
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